About Animal Emergency & Specialty Center

East Tennessee’s Premier Specialty Veterinary Center

Animal Emergency & Specialty Center is the 24-hour partner to your neighborhood veterinarian, here to manage illnesses and injuries when your neighborhood veterinarian is closed and equipped with the tools and knowledge for advanced diagnostics, evaluation, and treatment that’s beyond the scope of most veterinary practices. Together with your neighborhood veterinarian, we’re able to offer the most complete and state-of-the-art care in a comfortable, compassionate environment.

Referring Veterinary Patients to Animal Emergency & Specialty CenterTooting Our Own Horn

People are often surprised by the breadth and depth of what we do at Animal Emergency & Specialty Center. You know how the best human hospitals in the area are filled with advanced equipment like CT scans and radiation therapy? Us too! And how the best MDs have advanced training, board-certification, and lots of skills? Us too! Each set of initials behind our vets’ names means an extra layer of education and training. Check out our great team!

Specialty Director Jeff Phillips leads a team of board-certified veterinarians, residency-trained veterinarians, and highly trained and skilled emergency veterinarians to provide you and your pets with the resources you need for best care. Whether your dog or cat has an urgent issue that can’t wait until your regular veterinarian opens or you’ve been referred for surgery or oncologic care, there’s no better place for your pet to be.

What Makes Animal Emergency & Specialty Center So Special?

  • Our incredible team. Our veterinary specialty and emergency team is led by veterinarians whose focus is on the welfare of patients first and foremost. Hospital Administrator Nikki Branam, DVM and Specialty Director Jeff Phillips, DVM, MSpVM, Ph.D., DACVIM lead a team of six additional board-certified specialists, two residency-trained technicians, and a dynamic team of highly trained emergency veterinarians. This incredible medical force is supported by the best team of highly-trained veterinary technicians and support staff in eastern Tennessee.
  • Training and development. At AESC, we believe that learning never ends. We are a dedicated team of learners, always improving the breadth and depth of our knowledge base so we know how best to diagnose and treat your pet and what other options exist when standard treatments aren’t effective. We are so committed to training and development that we have expanded our educational outreach, delivering education and resources to veterinary practices and public groups in the region.
  • Research. The veterinarians at Animal Emergency & Specialty Center run clinical trials for the advancement of oncologic treatments. It means there are treatments here that are not available anywhere else and that we are on the cutting-edge of oncologic treatments. It’s part of what makes us special.
  • We’re committed partners to your neighborhood veterinarian. Our veterinarians work with yours to coordinate the best, most efficient care for your pet. We offer a program of continuing education events free-of-charge every year to the region’s veterinarians, veterinary managers, and veterinary technicians as well as case consultations.
  • We’re community partners. Animal Emergency & Specialty Center provides tens of thousands of dollars in goods and veterinary services every year to displaced and abandoned animals in area shelters, doing what we can to ensure those in the worst of situations receive adequate care. Our team members are active volunteers in our communities, supporting a diversity of causes. We are proud active members of our veterinary community and of our business communities.
  • Our facility. Each spacious facility provides a large, open, comfortable sitting area with refreshments and distractions, banks of exam rooms, specially-equipped surgical suites, ultrasound and endoscopy suites, a CT room, a vibrant treatment room, diverse housing options including isolation areas, and more. Animal Emergency & Specialty Center’s Knoxville hospital additionally houses a large conference room used for meetings and educational events.
  • We care! It’s our raison d’être. We’re all here because we want nothing more to provide the best available care for your pets, to keep them healthy and happy members of your family. It’s the reason we’re here day and night, often long after our shifts, the reason treatments come with pets and kisses and soothing words of comfort, the reason we train so much–to provide the best for your family.