Brian Rutherford, DVM

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Brian Rutherford at AESCRaised in Knoxville, Dr. Rutherford graduated from the University of Tennessee with his bachelor’s in biology. His first taste for working with animals was as a kennel technician for Fountain City Animal Hospital.

He also worked as a marine mammals keeper at the Knoxville Zoo and eventually decided to consider vet school.

Rutherford obtained his doctorate of veterinary medicine from the University of Tennessee before working at a specialty and emergency practice in Indianapolis. “After I got a taste for emergency work, everything else paled in comparison,” he says. He then completed an emergency and critical care residency in California before returning to Knoxville to begin working at the Animal Emergency and Specialty Center in 2009.

Dr. Rutherford and his team actively manage each patient’s situation on a case-by-case basis. “With each patient I think ahead and make decisions about treatment, not only based on the here and now, but what I can expect will happen within the next six to 12, to 24 hours,” he says.

Despite all the advanced technical equipment used on-site, Rutherford believes some of the best service he and his team provides day-in and day-out is basic, fundamental nursing care. “Not only do we treat what physically ails your pet, we also care and provide for your pet’s mental wellbeing. We encourage owners to come by and spend time with their pets during recovery.”

Brian Rutherford, DVM lives in Knoxville with his wife Jennifer, daughter Olivia, and their multiple pets. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, working in the yard and is an avid sports fan.