Pet obesity: Why a fat cat or chunky dog isn’t so cute

A big fat cat or a chunky dog might make you laugh or coo, but an overweight animal is not a healthy animal. Overweight dogs and cats are prone to shorter life spans, cancer, urinary bladder [...]

5 ways to keep your dog safe in the water

  What better way to enjoy a day at the lake, river, beach, or pool than by bringing your dog with you? But taking Spike swimming isn’t always as easy as leashing up and heading out. Here [...]

Bright lights, loud sounds: How to handle fear factors

School’s out for summer! The temperatures are rising, and you’re planning your picnics, barbecues, vacations, and more. But with the warm weather come two frightening events for your pets: Fourth [...]

Meet Smokey! A canine multiple myeloma patient in remission

Smokey, a Miniature Schnauzer, came into Animal Emergency & Specialty Center’s oncology service in January 2018. He was diagnosed with advanced-staged multiple myeloma by his primary [...]

AESC awarded Clinical Affiliate of the Year

Animal Emergency & Specialty Center has long supported ongoing veterinary education both for our own team and the veterinary community at-large. To that end, we offer four regional [...]

Download Our Brochures

You can now download our hospital brochures from our website! Our brochure gives you information about the services offered at each of our locations, the technology we use, directions to the [...]