Download Our Brochures

You can now download our hospital brochures from our website! Our brochure gives you information about the services offered at each of our locations, the technology we use, directions to the [...]

Protect Your Pet on World Rabies Day

Rabies prevention isn’t just the law, it saves lives! Rabies infection in domesticated pets nearly always fatal, this makes rabies vaccines for pets crucial. Do you know how to protect your pets [...]

The Rabies Safety Refresher

Rabies is almost certainly fatal, and entirely preventable. At Animal Emergency & Specialty Center of Knoxville, rabies is never out of mind. It may be easy to take rabies control for [...]

Parrot Behavior Workshop

Want to better communicate with your parrot? Parrots make beautiful, interesting pets that can live a human’s lifetime. However, a parrot’s body language may not be as easy to decipher as a [...]

Hope for Canine Lymphoma Comes to Animal Emergency & Specialty Center

A pet’s cancer diagnosis is a nightmare that breeds uncertainty and concern for any pet parent. Every step towards better treatment has the potential to change lives. Canine lymphoma is a common [...]

Dr. Fanta Teaches the Community Life-Saving Skills

For Dr. DeAnne Fanta, her life as a veterinarian extends beyond her regular shift at Chattanooga’s Animal Emergency & Specialty Center. Dr. Fanta recognized a need within the community and [...]

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