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“Dr. Baine and her team have succesful removed masses from two of my rats and has been so helpful every time I come. If you are looking for a vet for your rats this is the place to go for sure!”

– Kira W.

“Doctor Baine is awesome! She’s helped my bearded dragon and veiled chameleon! My beardie had respiratory infection and calcium deficiency. My Cham couldn’t lay her eggs. Both are home and happy, healthy. She saved both my babies lives! Very caring staff and I always feel comfortable when I leave. They explain everything to me from procedure to meds. Highly recommend!”

– Michelle M.

“Dr. Baine is wonderful! She gave our guinea pig excellent care during little Jewel’s recent illness, and kept us well informed about her progress. Thanks!”

– Cara H.

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Exotic Pet Emergency Service

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Our emergency department is trained to manage emergency cases for all manner of exotic pets and coordinate care, as needed, with Dr. Katherine Baine, our avian and exotic specialist. Should you have an urgent situation with your pet, whether from injury, illness, or a sudden change in a chronic condition, don’t hesitate to all and bring your exotic pet in for urgent care.

Animal Emergency & Specialty Center is a conveniently located state-of-the-art hospital prepared to manage any emergency.

Dr. Baine - Tennessee Ferret Veterinarian

Our Avian Emergency Hospital

Exotic Animal Hospital in Knoxville, TennesseeAESC in Knoxville, TN

Emergency Vet Near Me. When your neighborhood veterinarian is closed or you have an emergency with your exotic pet and seconds count, call or come straight in to Animal Emergency and Specialty Center. We are the 24-hour vet with two convenient locations. Our animal ER is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for walk-ins and immediate referrals. An emergency veterinarian is always onsite with a top-notch compassionate support team for best care of your beloved pet.

Animal Emergency Hospital, Knoxville. Animal Emergency & Specialty Center’s Knoxville location is on Kingston Pike, just off Highway 40 and 140. Conveniently located and open 24 hours a day to serve you and your pet, AESC is your best choice for an emergency vet for your exotic pet. Our emergency team accesses the same advanced equipment used by our specialists and is specially-trained to manage any small mammal/reptile/amphibian emergency.

Emergency Vet Near Me in Chattanooga. Animal Emergency & Specialty Center’s second location is on Lee Highway, just off Route 153 near the intersection of Highway 75. Just like our Knoxville location, our Chattanooga animal ER is a 24-hour vet facility. Staffed by an emergency veterinarian and amazing team at all times, our Chattanooga facility is also filled with the state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to best ensure a prompt and proper diagnosis and treatment for your exotic pet. When you have an exotic pet emergency, please call or come straight in. We’ll be here for you and your pet!

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Animal Hospital in Chattanooga, TennesseeAESC in Chattanooga, TN



We want to make you and your pet’s visit convenient and enjoyable. You may expedite the registration process by downloading the new patient registration form and bringing it with you. While you are visiting us, take advantage of the comfortable seating and free guest Wi-Fi in our waiting area.

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A deposit is required before treatment can be initiated. Payment is required when services are rendered (no credit). Accepted payment methods include: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. You may download our credit card authorization form and bring it with you to your visit.

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Visitation Policy

We support your need to be with your vet and your pet’s need for your company and care.

Take advantage of our Open Door Policy to visit your pet. Please call ahead, though, so we can advise on arriving emergencies that may interfere with your visit.