Jennifer Waller, DVM

Emergency Clinician

Dr. Jennifer Waller at AESCDr. Waller was born and raised in Knoxville, TN. Although she ventured to North Carolina and even St. Kitts and Nevis for her veterinary education, coming home to Knoxville was always part of her long-term plan. After working for a year at a private practice in Kingsport, TN, Waller came to work for AESC in the winter of 2010 as an emergency veterinarian.

After just a few months on the job, Dr. Waller performed a late-night emergency surgery on a dog, keeping him alive in the process. “I went out to talk to the owner and they thanked me for saving their pet’s life. That is when I realized that I had made a difference in the owner’s life, and that this is definitely what I want to be doing,” she says.

In addition to practicing emergency medicine, she enjoys working with the other compassionate and caring veterinarians at the Animal Emergency and Specialty Center. “In working here, we want to do what’s best for these animals. To me, going above and beyond to take care of them is what stands out about this animal hospital. I’ve learned so much from the other veterinarians. I’ve learned more in one year than most learn in five years.”

Jennifer received her bachelor’s in biology from Wingate University and her doctorate of veterinary medicine from Ross University.

Jennifer Waller, DVM lives in Knoxville with her husband, Brian. In her free time, she enjoys catching up with her friends and family, reading and spending time with her pets.