The importance of advanced diagnostics

We’ve all been there: a puking dog at 2 a.m., a cat who tangled with the wrong dog, or some other ailment. You call the vet to ask how concerned you should be, and you’re told, “We can’t say [...]

Why is a good diet important for my pet?

If you’ve ever done an Internet search for “best dog food” or “best cat food,” you know how many choices there are. Dry, canned, homemade, raw, freeze-dried. And that’s not even considering how [...]

Senior pet health: How to care for your aging pet

We all wish our best furry friends will live forever (or at least as long as we do). However, dogs and cats age more quickly than humans, and by the age of 7, they’re considered middle-aged. When [...]

Santa Paws 2018

Animal Emergency & Specialty Center was the proud sponsor of Santa Paws nights at Hamilton Place Mall, which invited pet owners to bring their fur babies in for a photo with Santa. We had a [...]

Do you need pet insurance?

It’s no secret that a vet visit can cost you a few hundred dollars – especially a specialty or emergency visit. You don’t want to deny your fur baby the care he needs, but how can you pay for the [...]

Toil and trouble: Four Halloween pet dangers

Halloween is a fun night for humans and pets alike – meeting new people, fun treats, staying up late, a general air of excitement. But for our fur babies, Halloween poses a few tricks along with [...]

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