Feline Veterinary Specialists

Providing Emergency and Specialty Care for Your Cat

Animal Emergency and Specialty Center is a premier provider of specialty and emergency veterinary services for cats. Home to six board-certified specialists in oncology, surgery, internal medicine, and dermatology, our 24-hour animal hospital also offers round-the-clock emergency services for cats.

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Cat Emergency
Call us immediately if your cat needs emergency care.
Oncology for cats
Oncology for cats.
Cures for Cats
Curing Feline Hyperthyroidism
Give your cat the cure.
Surgery for Cats
Surgery for cats.
Internal Medicine
Feline Internal Medicine
Internal medicine for cats.
Critical Care
Critical Care for Cats
Critical care for cats.
Advanced Diagnostics
Advanced Diagnostics
Advanced diagnostics for cats.
Feline Dermatology
Dermatology for cats.
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