Canine oncology — expert care

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Canine oncology — expert care

A diagnosis of cancer can be disheartening and distressing. Specialty Director Jeff Phillips, our board-certified oncologist, and his incredible oncology team are here to provide hope and comfort along with the most innovative treatments in chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and immunotherapy. When you need to know the best plan for your dog with cancer, our team partners with you and your family veterinarian to create an affordable, goal-based treatment plan.

As a specialty center, we have tremendous resources at our disposal to fight cancer, including:

  • Treatments available through our clinical trials not available elsewhere
  • Board-certified surgeons with oncologic experience
  • Advanced diagnostics to fully assess your dog’s condition, including CT scan, ultrasound, and endoscopy
  • 24-hour care in our ICU
  • A truly compassionate oncology team
  • Unique therapies including radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and hyperthermia

Our entire team is invested in the best care for your dog, care that maintains his or her quality of life for as much and as long as possible. Let’s see what we can do.

Dr. Jeff Phillips at AESC

  • I had to bring my dog, LuLu, in tonight due to her getting hit by a car. The staff and vets were great with her and my emotional self. Thank y'all so much. LuLu is going to be great.

    Jennifer S Dog Owner
  • AWESOME!!! Dr. Wong and his staff are excellent. They cared for my dog like family, and the surgery came out just as it was explained to me. Thank you!

    James R Dog Owner

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Knoxville: 865.693.4440 • Chattanooga: 423.822.8304

What We Do

The oncology service at Animal Emergency & Specialty Center is completely dedicated to the welfare of dogs suffering from cancer. We employ advanced diagnostics and the most responsive and innovative therapies to advance the health and quality of life of our canine cancer patients, offering hope to those so devoted to their well-being. Common canine cancers we treat include:

  • Canine Lymphoma
  • Canine Mast Cell Tumors
  • Canine Melanoma
  • Hemangiosarcoma
  • Mammary Gland Tumors in Dogs
  • Osteosarcoma
  • Soft-tissue sarcoma
  • Thyroid Adenomas and Carcinomas
  • Transitional Cell Carcinomas
  • And more
Chemotherapy for Dogs
Chemotherapy for Dogs
Chemotherapy for Dogs
Chemotherapy is a primary treatment option for dogs with some types of cancer such as lymphoma and leukemia. It is also effective as an additive treatment to slow down or prevent the spread of other cancers. Call to speak with our specialists today to see what treatment is best for your dog's cancer.
With immunotherapy treatment, the dog’s own immune system is used to attack cancer cells. Dr. Phillips and Animal Emergency & Specialty Center are involved in the most important clinical studies in the world in immunotherapy, allowing us to offer these NEW treatments to dogs with canine lymphoma, melanoma, and hard tumors.
Radiation and Hyperthermia Therapies
Radiation and Hyperthermia Therapies
Radiation and Hyperthermia Therapies
Radiation Therapy. Animal Emergency and Specialty Center is proud to be one of only six animal centers nationwide with a revolutionary radiation technology that directly pinpoints cancerous tumors and cells in dogs. This therapy dramatically increases accuracy, reducing the number of treatments and reducing toxicity to healthy tissue surrounding the tumor. Hyperthermia Therapy. The well-known power of heat is utilized to treat cancer and its related pain by using this NEW technology EXCLUSIVE to AESC. Contact Dr. Phillips for more information.

How We Do It

Animal Emergency and Specialty Center is proud to be the premier cancer treatment center for dogs in eastern Tennessee. Specialty Director Jeff Phillips is a renowned oncologist offering novel therapies for the treatment of cancer in dogs, therapies not available elsewhere in our region. This expertise and innovation, combined with a stellar, compassionate support team and the resources of AESC make us your best choice for cancer treatment. Call for a consultation today.

New clients: what to expect

  1. Have your veterinarian schedule a consultation for your dog
  2. Your dog will be assessed in consultation with our oncologist
  3. The veterinary oncologist will discuss a treatment and diagnostic plan.
  4. You’ll be given an estimate for treatment.
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Veterinarians: how to refer

Please call our referral coordinator to let us know you have a patient in need of a surgical consultation. Send a referral form and the patient’s record via fax or email or with your client. Thank you for your referral.

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