Providing emergency veterinary care that you can trust

Our hospital is always open and staffed for pet emergencies. We provide emergency services for both pet owners with walk-in emergencies, as well as emergency referrals from your local veterinarian.

Our emergency services

When you arrive, our trained emergency room doctors, technicians, and receptionists are prepared to offer the following services:

  • 24-hour staffing by doctors and technicians for your pet’s emergency care
  • Immediate testing and stabilization of any medical or surgical patient
  • Blood typing, cross-matching, blood and plasma transfusions for anemia and bleeding disorders
  • Oxygen therapy and respiratory support for patients with respiratory distress
  • Full-service, in-house stat laboratory including blood gas analysis
  • Emergency surgery available at all times for emergency cases like GDV, hemoabdomen, C-section, and foreign body obstruction

After your pet’s initial examination and evaluation, our emergency staff will discuss a diagnostic and treatment plan with you. Depending on the situation, a veterinarian may recommend that your pet be treated as an outpatient or be hospitalized for ongoing care. We’ll also provide an estimate for the cost of the care.

Cat on Indoor Tree
Dog with Tongue Sticking Out

If you're facing an emergency...

If your pet needs emergency care, an appointment isn’t needed. 

However, if possible, we recommend that you or your primary veterinarian call ahead at (865) 693-4440 so we can be prepared upon your pet’s arrival. 

We recognize that emergencies can be stressful

As in human emergency rooms, we see emergency patients on a first-come, first-served basis, with critically ill or injured patients receiving priority. Because of this, there may be a wait during busy times, so we provide free wireless service, TV, and a snack and soda machine to help make your stay with us more comfortable.