Critical Care

Canine urgent care service in Knoxville and Chattanooga

Critical Care

Canine critical care in Tennessee

Animal Emergency and Specialty Center’s canine critical care department is run by

Our specialists and highly-trained emergency room veterinarians work hand-in-hand to provide the highest-quality critical care services for your dog 24 hours a day. If your dog is in critical condition or needs continuous monitoring, the veterinarians and staff at AESC are highly trained to manage your case. Trust your dog’s care to Animal Emergency & Specialty Center, with locations in Knoxville and Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Dr. Nikki Branam at AESC

  • I had to bring my dog, LuLu, in tonight due to her getting hit by a car. The staff and vets were great with her and my emotional self. Thank y'all so much. LuLu is going to be great.

    Jennifer S Dog Owner
  • We took our puppy, Miss Weenie, here last night because she had gotten into our trash and was puking a lot. I was very impressed with this facility: it is very nice and clean, all of the staff was friendly, and they helped us get the payment taken care of. It also didn't cost us an arm and a leg!

    Brandy O Dog Owner

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What We Do

AESC’s team of veterinarians work with your neighborhood veterinarians to coordinate and provide the highest standard of care to our sickest canine patients. Our ICU is staffed continuously, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, with either a veterinary specialist or a highly-trained ER veterinarian. Because we never close, we are able to provide round-the-clock monitoring, diagnostics, and care of critically ill dogs.

Acute Illness
Acute Illness
Acute Illness
When your dog has a significant illness, trust our incredible staff using the resources of our state-of-the-art facility for 24/7 best care of your dog.
When your dog has managed some mischief, a fall, a dog fight, getting hit by a car.... AESC is here for you 24-hours a day for continuous monitoring and treatment of your dog.
Post-op Care
Post-op Care
Post-op Care
If your dog has an underlying condition requiring additional monitoring and care or complications from surgery, 24-hour monitoring can be critical to survival. AESC has you covered.

Providing Critical Care Services to Your Dog

Our ER and ICU are open and staffed 24 hours a day. Should your dog need 24-hour monitoring or care, we’re ready to give your precious pup the help he/she needs. An isolation ward is available for contagious patients.

New clients: what to expect

  1. Call and let us know you are on your way.
  2. Your dog will be triaged by a veterinary technician
  3. Our customer service representatives will get information about you and your dog.
  4. A specialist or ER vet will assess your dog and discuss a treatment and diagnostic plan.
  5. You’ll be given an estimate for treatment.
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Veterinarians: how to refer

Please call our referral coordinator to let us know you have a patient on the way. Send a referral form and the patient’s record via fax or email or with your client. Thank you for your referral.

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